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Shrivenham Defence Academy Visit Trowbridge - 14th March

This week Defence Academy visited us in a much anticipated match as they always have a strong team.

First up was Martin Blakeley against Aaron Grant. The first two games were incredibly close, both going to tie breaks but with Aaron getting the better of Martin in both. In the third game Aaron lifted his game giving him a 3-0 win.

Next Richard Edwards played Richard Bishop. Richard Bishop started very fast and took an early lead in the first game but then Richard Edwards lifted his accuracy and along with his variety of shots proved too strong, winning the match 3-0.

Paul Ruddick then played David Drake in a much anticipated game with both players moving very well around the court with some excellent retrieval, hard hitting and very long rallies. It was no surprise that this went to five games with David proving a bit more consistent in the end to win 3-2.

Tom Scott-Cowell was up against the very experienced and tricky Mike Hyland. However Tom was simply too quick around the court and played a stream of fantastic winners to win in straight games.

So with the matches all level it was down to the first strings to decide the outcome with Mark McGuiness playing Nev Buckle. Mark played well with some great variety including some lovely lobs and drop shots but Nev was too quick round the court and hit the ball with great accuracy to win in straight games.

So an excellent evening of squash but with Defence Academy unfortunately beating us 3-2 in the end. However the excellent curry afterwards did help to ease the pain!

Martin Blakeley lost vs Aaron Grant: 14-16, 14-16, 8-15

Richard Edwards won vs Richard Bishop: 15-13, 15-0, 15-8

Paul Ruddick lost vs David Drake: 11-15, 15-7, 15-4, 7-15, 8-15

Tom Scott-Cowell won vs Mike Hyland: 15-7, 15-7, 15-7

Mark McGuiness lost vs Nev Buckle: 10-15, 10-15, 12-15

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