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Exellent Win for Trowbridge Against the Army - 28th March

After a week off, the Army made the trip to Trowbridge for our latest match. Due to arrival times, the one and two strings started procedings.

Mark was up against Omari and started very quickly with his usual steady game, taking the first game. Omari then settled into the match, his speed around the court and hard hitting eventually having the edge over Mark, although they were all very close games.

Tom once again faced Dale McCarter, having had several very close matches in the past. This proved no different with both players hitting great shots and the momentum swinging back and forth. Dale's accuracy and consistency eventally saw him take the fifth game to win.

With things not looking good for Trowbridge, Richard took on Jim Doig and his accuracy and variety saw Jim off in pretty straightforward style.

John Roberts was making his team squash debut and had a cracking game against Doyle Rollins. After a strong start from John, Doyle won the next two games leaving it all down to the fifth and, although it was close, John kept his nose in front throughout winning the match 3-2.

This left both teams level with everything down to the result of the final match. Paul took on Nick Peck, both players having a similar style of fast running and hard hitting. This was a great match to watch but Paul just had the edge throughout and won in straight games giving Trowbridge a fabulous 3-2 win.

Mark McGuiness lost 1-3 vs Omari Wilson (15-7,10-15,14-16,14-16)

Tom Scott-Cowell lost 2-3 vs Dale McCarter (15-10,13-15,11-15,15-12,7-15)

Paul Ruddick won 3-0 vs Nicholas Peck (15-11,15-13,15-9)

Richard Edwards won 3-0 vs Jim Doig (15-7,15-7,15-3)

John Roberts won 3-2 vs Doyle Rollins (15-9,15-7,11-15,9-15,15-11)

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