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Trowbridge Win Against Devizes-15th Feb

We welcomed Devizes to Trowbridge for our latest match which as ever was a close competitive encounter.

First up was Richard against Adrian Lewis. The first game went to tie break which Richard unfortunately lost 17-19. The second game was another close one with Richard losing 11-15. Not to be deterred, Richard fought back and won the third 15-8 but then ran out of steam in the fourth.

Next up was Paul against Steve Wakefield who is an unorthodox player, but Paul never allowed him to play his shots, winning convincingly in three games.

At third string was Joe against Paul Fenner. This was very close to start with but Joe's movement round the court was superb and once he started to find his range he was simply too strong for Paul and won in three games.

At second string was Tom against Peter Hatch in what proved to be the closest match of the evening. Every game ebbed and flowed with some great shots and powerful hitting and Tom finally managed to win 3-1.

The last match was Mark against Charlie Galton and although Mark started fast, Charlie kept his composure and reeled him back, winning both the first and second games. Mark really dug in for the third and pushed hard for the win but eventually lost it 15-17.

So a great team 3-2 win for Trowbridge, setting us nicely for the visit of Wessex next week.

Mark McGuiness lost 0-3 vs Charlie Galton

Tom Scott-Cowell won 3-1 vs Peter Hatch

Joe Kenrick won 3-0 vs Paul Fenner

Paul Ruddick won 3-0 vs Steve Wakefield

Richard Edwards lost 1-3 vs Adrian Lewis

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