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Team Squash Result - 16th November

After last week's close win we were up against Defence Academy who made the journey to Trowbridge from Shrivenham.

First up was Martin Blakeley, playing his first match for us, who started really well winning the first game but in the end his opponent proved too consistent.

Joe then played very well across four games to win against a very steady player to leave the match evenly poised. Richard and Mark both got the better of very tricky and experenced opponents to ensure we won the match. The final game of the evening was at first string where Tom battled hard but enventually ran out of steam against a super fit opponent. A good win for Trowbridge meaning we are now 3rd in the league.

Tom Scott-Cowell lost 1-3 vs Neville Buckle

Mark McGuiness won 3-0 vs Mike Hyland

Joe Kenrick won 3-1 vs David Drake

Richard Edwards won 3-1 vs Stephen Moffatt

Martin Blakeley lost 1-3 vs Aaron Grant

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