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Squash - The Commonwealth Games

Unlike the Olympics where Squash is (unbelievably) not an included sport, it is included in the Commonwealth Games. Not only this, but it is also available to watch for free on the BBC website, using the iPlayer and associated software for android devices. Nick, James, Laura, Alison and the the rest of the England Squash Team will be in action over the next few days. Also one to watch is Tesni Evans from Wales. There should be some fantastic matches - not to be missed! If by watching the matches you find yourselves pondering on a sport that is fun, good exercise, cheap, accessible, and not too time consuming then why not come along to one or our Club Night sessions, new players and experience but "lapsed" players are all welcome, ladies, gents, boys, girls, young or old. We have some racket and balls which you an borrow until you can sort out your own (deposit required, naturally), all you need is a clean pair of non-marking trainers and enthusiasm!

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