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Good win against Marlborough in first team match of 2024 - 11th Jan

After a few weeks off for Christmas the new Wiltshire league season started with a home fixture against Marlborough.

Martin Ball got things started against the hard hitting left hander, Ben Thompson, his tricky drop shots and drives proving too much for the visitor.

Gavin Edwards was then up against Pat Carty and his movement around the court was much better than Pat's, giving us a fairly straight forward win.

Richard Edwards played the very experienced Mark Skull but was too consistent and accurate for Mark.

Joe Kenrick continued his winning streak with a good win against Neil Osbourne.

Finally Mark McGuiness faced Ed Hopkins who was making his debut for Marlborough having recently moved to the area. Ed was simply too quick around the court, managing to retrieve Mark's best shots with seeming ease.

So an excellent 4-1 win to start the 2024 season and of course the after match curry at Namaste was as good as ever.

Mark McGuiness lost 0-3 to Ed Hopkins

Joe Kenrick won 3-1 vs Neil Osborne

Richard Edwards won 3-0 vs Mark Skull

Gavin Edwards won 3-0 vs Pat Carty

Martin Ball won 3-1 vs Ben Thompson

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