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Excellent Win Against Wessex 2 - 7th March

We welcomed Wessex 2 to Trowbridge for our latest match, and earlier in the day, one of the Wessex team had to drop out due to illness, meaning Gavin Edwards had a walkover win

First up was Richard Edwards playing at no.4 against Steve Besant. Richard had a bit of an off day and although the match was played to a high standard, Steve won the first two games using his accurate drop shots to great effect. In the third game Richard started to find his length and line, winning it 15-9, and taking an early lead in the fourth before faltering slightly and Steve winning it 15-13.

Next up at no.3 was Paul Ruddick vs John Watkins with both players still coming back to full match fitness after injury. There were marathon rallies and the games flowed back and forth with both players playing some great shots but Paul's consistency won the day and the match winning 3-1.

Playing at no.2 was Mark McGuiness vs. Callum Ray which was an intriguing game with Mark's consistency up against the flair and power of Callum. Mark managed to win the first game on a tie break but Callum fought back in the next two games to take a 2-1 lead. Mark then changed his tactics, using his lob serve to great effect and won the next two games to take the match 3-2

Finally playing at no.1 was Tom against Calli Smith. This was always going to be hard for Tom as he is just coming back from an injury and Calli is one of the most talented players in the county. Although Tom played well with some great shots, Calli was at a different level and won quite straight forwardly.

This was though a great win for the team as we head towards the back end of the league.

Tom Scott-Cowell lost 0-3 vs. Calli Smith

Mark McGuiness won 3-2 vs. Callum Ray

Paul Ruddick won 3-1 vs. John Watkins

Richard Edwards lost 1-3 vs. Steve Besant

Gavin Edwards had a 3-0 walkover

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