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Epic Match Matthew v Gaultier

The J P Morgan sponsored Tournament of Champions is always a fantastic event and this year (18th - 25th January) was really special. Not only was it Nick Matthew's last one but he was playing very well. He reached the quarters where he met current PSA World No 1 Greg Gaultier. This proved to be a thrilling but grueling 90 minute 4 game thriller, now heralded as an "epic for the history books" with top quality squash playing from both participants.

Sadly none of the British players made it through to the finals, 3 out of the 4 finalists were Egyptian, fantastic for them of course - the Egyptian players are dominating the sport currently. The other finalist and eventual champion was Simon Rosner, who vanquished Greg Gaultier in the semi-final; many congratulation to him - the first German player to win the title.

Greg Gaultier hold Nick Matthew's hand aloft

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