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Close Games All Round in Team Match Against Defence Academy - 24th January

Following a week off, the team travelled to Shrivenham for a much anticipated match against Defence Academy.

In the first game Rob played valiantly against Richard Bishop whose hard hitting proved too much for him. Richard with his accuracy and consistency then overcame David Drake in straight games. Martin had a really close five set match against Richard Bishop who's tight shots down the walls and drops just proved the difference. Tom had four really close games against Nev Buckle at first string all of which could have gone either way but unfortunately Nev managed to find a way through to win in four. Finally Mark had a really tight match against the tricky Mike Hyand that seesawed back and forth but with Mike winning the fifth.

So Defence Academy won the match 4-1 but the difference between the teams was very small.

Tom Scott-Cowell lost 1-3 vs Nev Buckle

Mark McGuiness lost 2-3 vs Mike Hyland

Richard Edwards won 3-0 vs David Drake

Martin Ball lost 2-3 vs Richard Bishop

Rob Marshall lost 0-3 vs Steve White

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