Trowbridge 1st Team campaign hampered by injury

Thursday, December 18th, 2008 | The Club, Wiltshire Squash League

This season has proved to be one of the most difficult to date. The aim as always was to retain our division 1 status which we achieved a few years ago, and possibly look for a mid table finish.

Our squad of Ade Warren, Tessa Healy, Rich Holdway, Andy Doel and Gary Dawson were all keen to get back into it after the summer lay off. Unfortunately one month before the first match Ade -our no.1- damaged his knee and has had to miss many matches because of it - a huge loss!-. This then seemed to set the tone for the rest of the season as team members started dropping like flies with injury after injury!

Despite this we managed to rally around and find other players to come in, some have joined the team and club permanently i.e. Andy jennings -a good player and a big thank you to him-,  also we managed to borrow players from the club and our other team from time to time, a big thanks to Mark Mcguiness, Tom Oatley, Steve Connor, James Fussel and Jim Conway for turning out when needed. All of which fought hard for the cause, picking up some much needed points!

The league table finished with us in a tie for the bottom spot, but as another team had dropped out in the 11th hour pre season, we were spared from relegation.

Team sprit is as high as ever, and hopefully the Christmas break will help heal some of the walking wounded, and have us back at full strengh for the upcoming season.


Rich Holdway. (Capt)


Congratulations to the guys of Trowbridge 2 on back to back promotions!!! Fantastic!!!

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