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Trowbridge runners up in Wilts Summer League Final

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 | The Club, Wiltshire Squash League | No Comments

Trowbridge squash team

Mark McGuiness (Green T-shirt), Rich Elsdon (kneeling right), Bruce Isaac (right), Tom Oatley (at home with a bag of peas on his sore leg!)

Trowbridge gave a valiant effort in their Summer League final against Chippenham, the latter proving too strong in the end.

Chippenham have been very close rivals for the last couple of winter seasons, and look to have strengthened since our last encounter. Boosted by the introduction of Julian Mitchell and Steve Duffet, they look like a tough team to beat when the season restarts later this year.

In the 5th string game Bruce Isaac played Andy Davies and had an epic match. Bruce delivered some of his best squash despite spending most of the summer playing tennis! Most games where extremely close and could have gone to either player. The 1st four games went 9/7, 1/9, 10/8, 8/10, meaing it was 2-2 with a deciding game to go.

Bruce let Andy get a lead of 0-4 and was 1-6 down before coming back with huge effort, and some great length squash to the back corners, to get to 5-6. Bruce then took the lead serving for the match at 8-6. He served for the match a total of 5 times in the last game, but eventually Andy who had hung in there brilliantly, managed to close the match 8-10 – a fantastic effort from Bruce who really enjoyed the match.

Rich Elsdon at 4 had a tall task taking on Steve Duffet, who’s been playing since the age of 11 and had experience in some really strong leagues including Bristol. Steve won the 1st 2 games pretty comfortably. Rich tried very hard to volley early in the 3rd and take the game to Steve, playing some decisive winners as we’re accustomed to seeing. Rich is battling an injury in his arm at the moment, and hasn’t quite got the weaponry he normally has, and he couldn’t contain Steve’s racket skills in the end.

Mark McGuiness at 3 played Jullian Mitchell, an over 50s county player and was very keen to make an impression. This nearly happened in the 1st with Mark storming to be 4-0 and later 7-3 up. Julian who’s got great experience started to get into his rythmn and managed to get back to 8-8 before closing out  8-10.

From there Julian managed to get Mark moving around a lot and catching him out with accurate cross-courts from the back which wrong footed Mark over and over. Despite some serious trying, Mark eventually lost 2-9, 2-9.

The 1st string game was potentially one to savour, especially for Tom Oatley who had got very close  to beating Richie on several occasions recently, but hadn’t been able to get across the line. He started off extremely well, cracking the ball around the court and having Richie majorly struggling to keep the ball in play, winning the 1st 9-0. The 2nd was a much tighter game, Richie managing to get more rallies going and showing off his renowned fitness, Richie managed to win a very tight game in the end 8-10.

Tom seemed to be struggling getting to the front of the court, and after going 0-5 down in the 3rd suffered a pull to his hamstring and was unable to continue.

So a convinging win for Chippenham in the end, but great effort from Trowbridge to get to the final, and we’re still in the Cup semi-final, so hopefully another one on it’s way!

If you are interested in playing for our team(s) in the Wiltshire league, please drop us an email.

Trowbridge team remain in Wiltshire Div 2

Monday, January 4th, 2010 | The Club, Wiltshire Squash League | No Comments

Team News

This half season was much more relaxed than previous ones for the only remaining team representing the Trowbridge club in the Wiltshire league. All 10 matches were played using the same trusty six players as last year throughout – it is very unusual for a team to play so many matches utilising such a small squad.( Hint Hint – volunteers please).

At the mid-point of the season we were sitting on top of the table. In fairness, we had played a couple of matches more than the eventual winners – South Marston- but this was the strongest performance we had ever achieved in Division 2. Tom Oatley and Rich Edwards were holding their own (though that sometimes made serving difficult) against strong opposition at numbers 1 and 2 and Mark McGuinness had yet to be beaten at 3.

Highlights of the season were probably Mark’s victory against Pat Carty to secure match points against South Marston and Bruce Isaac’s win at 5 over Wessex’s Mark Cains. Both were hard fought 3-2 wins.
The low point was when Mark succumbed to Steve McCourt (Marlborough) in match 9 and lost his unbeaten record. Rumour has it that he was less than chuffed!

We ended the season in fourth place 19 points clear of Chippenham in fifth who in turn were more than 50 points clear of Nighingale in sixth.

All in all a great half season and good fun throughout.


Trowbridge 1st Team campaign hampered by injury

Thursday, December 18th, 2008 | The Club, Wiltshire Squash League | No Comments

This season has proved to be one of the most difficult to date. The aim as always was to retain our division 1 status which we achieved a few years ago, and possibly look for a mid table finish.

Our squad of Ade Warren, Tessa Healy, Rich Holdway, Andy Doel and Gary Dawson were all keen to get back into it after the summer lay off. Unfortunately one month before the first match Ade -our no.1- damaged his knee and has had to miss many matches because of it - a huge loss!-. This then seemed to set the tone for the rest of the season as team members started dropping like flies with injury after injury!

Despite this we managed to rally around and find other players to come in, some have joined the team and club permanently i.e. Andy jennings -a good player and a big thank you to him-,  also we managed to borrow players from the club and our other team from time to time, a big thanks to Mark Mcguiness, Tom Oatley, Steve Connor, James Fussel and Jim Conway for turning out when needed. All of which fought hard for the cause, picking up some much needed points!

The league table finished with us in a tie for the bottom spot, but as another team had dropped out in the 11th hour pre season, we were spared from relegation.

Team sprit is as high as ever, and hopefully the Christmas break will help heal some of the walking wounded, and have us back at full strengh for the upcoming season.


Rich Holdway. (Capt)


Congratulations to the guys of Trowbridge 2 on back to back promotions!!! Fantastic!!!

Trowbridge Squash 2nd Team promoted

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 | The Club, Wiltshire Squash League | No Comments

Team (left to right): Mark McGuiness, Steve Connor, Tom Oakley, Bruce Isaac, Rich Elsden. Missing through injury in this photo was Rich Edwards.

Having just gained promotion to Division 3, the team members were hoping to consolidate their position in this tougher division.  The team – Rich Edwards, Rich Elsden, Steve Connor and Bruce Isaac – was strengthened early in the new season when Mark McGuiness joined the club and Tom Oatley rediscovered his enthusiasm for tough games and curries.

The campaign started brilliantly and at the halfway stage we were undefeated and sitting at the top of the table. Feelings of excitement, determination, commitment and surprise could be seen regularly.

The second half of the season proved a bit more difficult (an odd injury here and there- more players needed, please.) but the top of the table position was maintained until the final game of the season. We played local rivals Melksham in a battle for the top spot. Tom’s best performance of the season secured a tremendous win in his game but despite heroic efforts by Mark, Bruce and Steve in their games we lost the match.  However with both the top two sides- Melksham and Trowbridge- being some 50 points clear of the nearest rivals we should be playing squash in Division 2 after Christmas*. Now that will be tough!

All in all a fantastic few months. Everybody had a mixture of hard games, easy games and weird games. Great team spirit and a sense of fun were present throughout. Let’s hope we’re still laughing in March.

*Confirmed today that the 2nd Team have gained promotion to Div2 - Congratulations!

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